Technology, Mom's and Children!

Felt like voicing this - it's been long overdue!  I often meet mothers as customers. Sometimes a couple before noon.  It’s been 11 years since Peek...

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Hire a Specialist for your child's room decor?


A little bit of spin, a little bit of roll, visitors stepped right up to experience a unique, one of a kind take on Children’s Interior Design. Peek-a-boo Patterns is now recognised as a name synonymous with comfort, practicality, aesthetics, style and customization, that stands tall for 11 years and counting. 

Based in Chennai - a brainchild of Garima Agarwal - it caters to bespoke furniture, furnishings, accessories and room decor for children. Peek-a-boo Patterns looks at a project with a birds eye view sitting on top of a ferris wheel, and touches all the angles of detail like in a carousel.



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Recreation Zones for Kids

Kids exercise their intellect and imagination through various indoor and outdoor activities. This helps them prepare for more formalized learning.

Indoor zones can be defined using built –ins and furniture grouping, floor finishes like carpeting, platforms and dropped ceilings, in various colours and patterns. Customising the zones to support the activity works best. For instance, quiet pastimes like reading or resting call for a soft, sheltered enclosure.

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Best Gifts for a Baby Shower

Having a hard time in choosing a present for baby shower? Finding the perfect present from a huge variety of gifts for babies can be quite difficult and time consuming task. You can go for practical and buy some items that will help future parents to cope with daily things. Or you can order or even create unique and personalized gifts. Here is the list of top gifts for a baby shower desired by parents. 

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