Trends For The Year

Trends For The Year

Trends for Indian Nurseries this year!


- In Garima's Words

Nurseries are getting trendier each day! Parents-to-be today want to go all out and make no compromise. Both modern and classic have managed to sustain simultaneously. Modern is not that loud anymore but rather restricted with just a pop or a show-stopper. Stylishly understated and serene with mature details tops the trend chart.


This year's popular colours -

Black surfaces are no more taboo for children. Neutral shades of mushroom grey, maple, etc are in this season with accents / accessories in bright hues like a canary.


Future trends (Colours / Materials / Textures) -

Sea greens go well with a rustic look. Burnt orange may come back as though it never went out of fashion. Canvas-like fabrics which are more matte than sheen are sure to come back again.


Trends that are no longer in -

Glossy surfaces as well as bling are no longer in. Simplicity is the key!


Favourite Products -

Accessories like lights, rugs, clocks, a fun shelf, a swing, floor cushions, etc are favourites right now. They need not be permanent fixtures in the rooms and are hence easily swapped out with the change in season, etc.


Personalised Products that are requested for -

At Peekaboo Patterns, cushions and blankets are absolute favourites – a lot of people prefer personalising gifts cause they make it special. Name boards, monograms on bed headboards are becoming more trendy now in India.


Customisation  - the sky's the limit! From knobs to rugs, to beddings to anything at all, is Peekaboo Patterns' forte. Customers in India nowadays mostly customise window dressing and bed covers as windows and mattresses are not so standardised yet.


Decorating Ideas –

For new parents to liven up a nursery -

The easiest and most pocket-friendly way to decorate a nursery would be with accessories. Do the floor with a rug, walls with decals and windows with curtains. Add some photos of the baby on the wall and get some nice bedding and throw in some coordinated cushions.


For parents expecting twins -

It would be best to pick two colours and play with that. This way individuality can be created. Keep a wall for quotes and pictures, almost like a mood board. Use monograms for demarcating areas like wardrobes, etc. Focus on a lot of free space for play time.



Stylish baby products – Tips on safety without compromising on design -

It would be best to customise in that case. Some fun, quirky or DIY designs work well. For example – its impossible for companies to make safety railings to match the million options. One could get it made to match the rest of the aesthetics. Though in that case as well, its not easy to get the best hardware options. Either way, its a bit of a compromise. 


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