5 Must Haves for any Kid's Rooms! - From the Director's Desk

Garima Agarwal

  1. Activity Table and chairs - Better known as a Mess table - is a must have for all kids! It is one item that is most functional and used by all age groups (2-15yrs). Can be made in many colors and finishes but ideal when designed such that parents can use it as well. This accent piece adds that element of freedom of expression -Do what you like and how u like it! Its for art and craft, play dough fun, tea parties, Lego play, puzzles, school projects or community reading! Some can be made with storage and floor seating! Create a fun space where the mothers don't have to use the word "don't "! Unleash your child's imagination by painting or pretend play. A happy family evening playing a board game like monopoly on this table is a great time spent. Being super Multi functional, this piece of furniture promises good times! 
  2. Wall Paper- Wall coverings determine the ambience of any space. Sometimes they can be the show stopper. Many times we at Peekaboo take it as the main character of the story and build the rest around it. For example the color pallette of the entire room or mood board can be put together based on the selection of wall paper. Be it stripes or dots or patterns or motifs a wall paper sets the fun that is required for the kids room. Find a wide range of lovely wall paper collections for boys, girls, sharing spaces, toddlers, teens and baby nurseries. Super heroes is the current favourite with the teens. While butterflies, ballerinas and cupcakes every girls dream come true. Boys usually like cars n sports while animals are most popular with toddlers. Wall decals also can be added to make the walls fun along with wall paper. There are glow in the dark stickers, chalk board sticker s, growth chart that are best sellers. 
  3. Cushions- create a whimsical display by clustering these playful cushions on your bed. Cushions would be like decorating a cake with icing n cherries. Something that adds all the fun, the colour and can be very specific to the child's interest. Its a mood generator and can be customised and personalised easily. We like to bring the theme n colour palate with these soft furnishing items cause of its flexibility. There can be long cushions, shaped or different sizes including the huge ones that go on the floor. Easy to wash n maintain, skin friendly 100% cotton cushions in various shapes n colours is a must have in any kids space. For example a butterfly shaped cushion, a farm cushion with animal pop ups, a choo choo train can be every toddlers all time favourite .
  4. Rugs- A floor covering is used to add colors and fun in any kids space. ​They come in a variety of shapes - squares, rectangles, circles, etc. They can be patterned, solid or with themes. For example transport, floral, chevron, etc. The most trendy right now are the felt ball rugs - these can be made to order in any size or colour. A favourite design accent for every designer -these Tufted Rug​s or felt ball rugs ​​make the most stylish apparel for your home are specially designed to bring life to any ​child's room. ​Easy Maintainence and soft on the child's feet, ​maximises satisfaction. 
  5. ​Seater - (bean chairs​) Let your little passenger take the ​a​ seat! Available in many designs and colours a bean chair works like almost an artefact in a kid's room. The fun colors makes it attractive and the comfort of lounging makes it every childs' favourite. ​Our 'Boys n toys' bean chair ​has​ comfortable armrests, and a diesel pocket to refuel joy! Ideal for children aged between 2 and 7 years to laze on. Easy to maintain,​ it's filled with thermacol balls.​ Light weight makes it easy to drag around the hous​e​ - so best for reading time or tv time! These are made of Fine cotton fabric that ​is​ appliqued and tailored to perfection.


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