Hire a Specialist for your child's room decor?

Hire a Specialist for your child's room decor?


Creating Unique Spaces For Children Is No Different Either. Since The Time I Launched Myself As A Designer, Catering To Requirements Of Parents And Children, I Believe, It’s Beyond Interior Designing. This Is More Than A Job To Me. The Work We Do At Peek-A-Boo Patterns Is An Extension Of What I Believe Deep Within Myself - Children Have Unique Requirements & They Need To Be Understood In The Right Perspectives.

You May Ask, ‘Why Can’t An Architect Or An Interior Designer Work On My Child’s Room?’ I Have The Following Reasons To Share On Why You Will Require Someone Who Specializes On Children:

1. Colors: Children Love Colors. A Deep Understanding Of The Usage, The Balance, The Right Mix Of Various Color Options Requires Some Amount Of Work. This Requires Understanding Beyond Just Pinks Are For Girls And Blues For Boys. It Also Involves Understanding The Child And His Or Her Personality Too.

2. Spaces: How We Effectively Use The Space Inside A Room Is Another Art. A Child’s Bedroom Can Be As Small As 300 - 500 Sq Ft Or As Big As 800 - 1000 Sq Ft Depending On The Size Of The Home. Using Up This Space In A Manner By Which There’s Ample Ventilation, A Child Friendly Layout And Therefore The Size And Quantity Of Fixed And Movable Furniture Will Form Part Of The Planning And Designing. Also, We Must Remember The Fact That Children Keep Growing And Therefore, How Can One Accomodate Transformation To Happen Every 2 - 3 Years.

3. Designs & Themes: Today, Children Have More Choices And Tastes Than Ever Before. A Decade Or Two Back, It Was Easier. But Now, From Disney Princess To NBA To European Premier Leagues, Choices Galore. Themes Are An Extension Of A Child. It Is What He Or She Believes In. Understanding Them In The Right Perspective And Bringing Them To Life Along With A Suitable Design For The Room Requires Specialization As Well.

4. Materials Used: This Is An Important Subject While Coming Up With A Design. The Quality Of Materials Used, Matter Most. For Instance, Let’s Take Wall Paints. How Non-Toxic Are They? How Easily Can We Maintain Them? When It Comes To Furnitures, Ensuring No Sharp Edges Or Using Materials That Last A Childhood And Beyond. Furnishings & Accessories Needs Some Work To Be Done. The Quality Of Bed Linens, The Colors, The Materials & Most Of All, When Put In One Place, They Must Share A Story. All Of Them Must Come Together To Share A Story.

5. Finally, A Signature: When The Above 4 Points Or Aspects Are In Sync With Each Other, What Comes Out Is A Signature. Something Special. Something Unique. In My Decade Of Experience, I Can Tell You That Not One Room Has Any Semblance To Another. Every Room Decor Created Is A Signature Piece. Unique. Custom-Made. Personalized. No Two Children Are Alike!

To get the best decor for your child, get a free consultation from our expert interior designer. Contact Us here.


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