Recreation Zones for Kids

Recreation Zones for Kids


Kids Can Play Games ,All By Themselves  Or With Friends In A Carpeted Corner Supplied With A Bench, Table And Game Shelves. An Open Space With A Hard Floor Or Tight Weave Is Good For Toy Trucks, Action Figures And Blocks. Kids Are Most Likely To Do Arts And Crafts For Which  Little Setup Is Required .Hence It Would Be Ideal To Consider Outfitting A Spot With Chalkboard Or Easel, A Sturdy Table That Can Handle Spills And A Variety Of Art Supplies. Maybe Spaces For Stationary – Little Buckets For Wet Brushes, A Hanger For Rags Or A Paper Roll Dispenser.

Ok How About Setting The Right Scene Now? , Just Let’s Look At Some Cool Ideas For Playrooms

1. Have  Provisions For Keeping  Rolls Of Paper Handy . Maybe The Art Paper Can Be Made Accessible For Painting In A Way That Its Suspended Right Above The Activity Table And Kids Can Easily Pull And Spread It Over For Use .

2. Cover A Wall Panel With Chalkboard Or A Dry Erase Surface. Gives A Child Ample Space To Scribble His Heart Out And Then Easily Clean It Up Too J A Provision To Keep Cleaning Sponge And Chalks Might Be Handy .

3. Construct A Multifunctional Platform With Toy Cubbies Or Drawers Underneath, Keep It Flat Or Step It Up Two Or Three Levels. Serves The Dual Purpose Always!

4. Organize Toys In Containers That Can Be Brought Out To Play, Mount Large Containers On Wheels, And Add Rope Handles To Small Containers. Keep Toys Visible But Neat In Clear Plastic Boxes. After All, We Need To Make Sure Post Playtime Everything Is Back In Its Place, Isn’t It? J

5. When Stationery Is Stored In A Shallow Space Its Easier To Find. Less Deep Drawers Are A Must.

6. Easy Clean Surfaces Are Worth The Expense As A Child Can Learn Best When There Is Less Restriction. Let The Creativity Flow.


Peek-A-Boo Offers Absolutely Amazing Options Of Furniture Which Goes Well With The Above! Here Is Just A Glimpse!

Highlights - Related Furniture Pieces By Peek-A-Boo

Art Station:  A One Piece, Complete Solution For Storage, Play, Study And Craft Work. With Sufficient Shelving, A White Board To Scribble On And A Pull Out Plank To Settle Your Books Or Paints On.

Toy Cubby – Just A Right One To Fit In Any Corner Of The Room .The Toys, Blocks, Books Etc Come In All Handy For The Little Ones. Reachable And Mommy Need Not Be Around .



A Cozy Libraby Unit- “Spot On” Blend Of Comfy Resting Place And Undisturbed Reading Area With Ample Space For Books To  Store.



Orange And Green Side Table – A Compact Mix Of Pull Out Plank, A Desk And Pull Out Stool. So Easy To Place, Maintain And Shift Anywhere.


POINT TO BE NOTED – All Made Of Fine Quality Wood With Non Toxic Paint Finish. Perfect Edges And Hardware For Easy Usage By All Kids.

AND WITH THIS YOU ARE GOOD TO GO! Giving Your Kid The Right Ambience To Learn, Play, Grow And Love. Watch This Space For More Of Such Fun Ideas!

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