Technology, Mom's and Children!

Technology, Mom's and Children!

Felt like voicing this - it's been long overdue! 

I often meet mothers as customers. Sometimes a couple before noon.  It’s been 11 years since Peekaboo happened. These moms seem to be super busy. I get nostalgic, as when my kids were small (toddlers) I was too! However, I feel my motherhood was blessed as there were no smart phones.

Undivided attention is what babies and kids (0-5) need. It’s my strongest understanding that Nothing in the world can replace that. 

As much as I would like it for speeding up business, it’s sad when I get quick responses on whatsapp from young moms. They always seem to be on the phone! I protest this! They should be only available for their kids. 

I now belong to an old mom's category and try pacifying myself that its ok - times have changed and kids are perfectly ok with a "gadget mom"package. 

However, deep inside me there is this strong conviction that mothers are required not on whatsapp groups!!! That prompt comment is Useless! Rewardless! Pointless! Wish they can foresee how a child’s EQ is 100 % dependent on only them!!! 

(Just a mom-centric topic for now)

A confident child is the future of our nation, not an I-mom!

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