About Us


1. Are your fabrics child-friendly? 

    We’ve been busy churning out all sorts of cute and comfy home furnishings for kids over the past 16 years and we can confidently say that our fabrics are a 100% child-friendly! They’re crafted from pure cotton and are extremely long-lasting! 

    2. Do the fabrics fade or bleed? 

      We only use high-quality dyes that do not bleed. However, fabrics can fade after a couple of years with repeated wash, wear and tear or over exposure to sunlight.

      3. Will the applique come out while washing? 

      No, our appliques are super-duper durable. In fact, don’t be surprised if your child continues to use a quilt or a bean chair for more than 10 years – it’s common at Peekaboo! 

      4. What is the filling for your bean chairs? 

      Our best-selling bean chairs can be filled like regular bean chairs – with thermacol beans! You could get your beans at our store or on any e-commerce site. 

      5. Are product sizes standard? 

      Sizes for all products are mentioned on the description but if you have a requirement for a night sheet or a cushion that’s of a slightly odd size, just give us a call on 99624-30862, shoot out the numbers and we can customise it for you!

      6. Can you make the same design in different colors? 

      Customising colors and patterns are our speciality. So as long as we can find the colors you want in our workshop that’s swimming with fabrics – we can customise anything for you! 

      7. Can you add names on products? 

      Personalised products are our bestsellers. A gift with a name on it is guaranteed to give you extra cuddles and smiles! To personalise, just add ‘Name Personalisation’ to your cart, checkout, and add the child’s name on the ‘Note’ section. Or you could just call us at 99624-30862, if you prefer to! 

      8. How much do you charge for personalisation? 

      We charge INR 500 for personalisation but we have a lot of offers for free personalisation all through the year so follow our Instagram page for the details!

      9. Can you personalise products from outside? 

      Nope. We prefer to put names on only our products! 

      10. I want to buy a gift. What’s the best option? 

      It depends on the age of the child. We have everything from sweet baby blankets to jewellery for newborns. Our bean chairs are very popular among toddlers and school-goers. We have soft play learning tools like activity kits and calendars for those looking at something educational. You can call 99624-30862 for a video call and check out our shop, or just WhatsApp our Customer Happiness Manager for gift ideas! 

      11. Do you do bulk orders? 

      Bulk orders for birthday party favors, baby showers, new baby announcements – you name it! We have a fully-staffed workshop that can churn out any number your order!

      12. Is your furniture imported? 

      Nope! It’s proudly made in Chennai, India, in our factories by crafts people who’ve been with us for over 16 years now. 

      13. Do you customise furniture?

      Are apples red? Are puppies cute? Yessss, we live to customise unique pieces of furniture – as unique as your little ones! Call us on 99624-30862 for more information.

      14. Some more details about your furniture? 

      Our furniture is made in Chennai, using plywood 1S 710 or HDF – both of which are high-quality and super durable. We use scratch-proof and non-toxic paints. It’s also water-resistant. 

      15. How can I get curtains designed by you? 

      You can shop on our website or get in touch with us at 99624-30862 if you’re looking at a customised design. We also carry out installation of curtains and blinds, charged as per actuals. 

      16. Do you charge for interior design site visits? 

      Yes, we charge a nominal fee of INR 2000 for a site visit. However, you can also video call and show us the space you’re looking to redo at 99624-30862. Video calls are a complimentary service we offer!