School Memories Box (Salmon)
School Memories Box (Salmon)
School Memories Box (Salmon)
School Memories Box (Salmon)
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School Memories Box (Salmon)

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• This box of School Records is all you’re going to need to store those precious school memories forever!
• Whether you want to make 10-13 different boxes, one for each grade, or fit all of it into one box - use the stickers to customize your box cover!
• Don’t write anymore - just store! Yes, we heard you - School Record Books are hard to fill up (no one needs more homework)! Now simply stow away all things precious - like class photographs, report cards, special notes, even medals or other memorobilia - into this sturdy box to re-live school memories for years to come!
• And for the little snapshots of information you might want to record, we have our handy info cards - fill as much (or as little) as you like. Stick a photo, or don’t! The box never looks incomplete!
• Inside, we also have some empty files and envelopes that you can decorate and title with the stickers so you can organize your memories exactly the way YOU want to! By category, by grade or by anything else!
• Need more stickers/envelopes/files? Do get in touch with us.
• Get it personalized with your child's name.
• Salmon colour
• The MDF box is varnished for extra protection.

Dimensions: 13.5 x 9.75 x3.5 inches
Delivery - 1 week

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